J. Smith-Cameron Talks 'Succession' Season 4, Gerri's Lack of Sentimentality, and the Clever Series Finale (2023)

By Christina Radish

"Gerri has always been the one who’s landed in Logan's good graces, but now it’s happened to her, where she’s being shut out," says Smith-Cameron.

J. Smith-Cameron Talks 'Succession' Season 4, Gerri's Lack of Sentimentality, and the Clever Series Finale (1)

The HBO series Succession is back for its fourth and final season, and the only sure thing when it comes to the Roy family is that there will be power plays, cutthroat moves made, and loyalty will be questioned. Fractured even deeper, after the events of Season 3 finale with siblings Shiv (Sarah Snook), Kendall (Jeremy Strong) and Roman (Kieran Culkin) teaming up against their father Logan (Brian Cox), unaware that Shiv’s husband Tom (Matthew Macfadyen) had switched sides against them, it will be nail-biting to see how all the family drama plays out.

During this 1-on-1 interview with Collider, J. Smith-Cameron (who plays Gerri Kellman, previously Logan’s most trusted, but who’s now getting iced out) talked about how Gerri feels about her position at the company in Season 4, whether she’s at her loyalty limit with Season 4, who Gerri is most threatened by, having Cox and Culkin as scenes partners, her thoughts on the series finale, and why she feels like the series could have gone on a bit longer.

(Video) Succession Season 3 Episode 4 “Lion in the Meadow” Recap & Review

Collider: The Season 3 finale was just absolute magnificent perfection, on every level. What was it like for you guys to get that script and shoot that episode, and then have to wait to find out where things would go in Season 4? Are you good with not thinking about what could come next, until you get the script?

J. SMITH-CAMERON: That’s always been the way. That’s always been what we were up against. We’d get the scripts at the last minute, and they would morph all the way through the shoot. We weren’t even 100% certain it was the last season, for the longest time. It’s hard to be okay with that, but we had adapted to that.

J. Smith-Cameron Talks 'Succession' Season 4, Gerri's Lack of Sentimentality, and the Clever Series Finale (2)

What was your reaction to the first script for the fourth season? How did you feel about the way it set things up?

SMITH-CAMERON: We did know a little bit about the direction of the season, although we didn’t know how it would unfold. I thought the first episode was really good, although Gerry is not in it very much. Those episodes are really fun for me to read and fun for me to watch because I can just enjoy it. It laid the groundwork well for Season 4.

After what happened at the end of Season 3, how does Gerri feel about her position, at the beginning of Season 4, with where she’s at in the company, after everything that’s gone on?

SMITH-CAMERON: She’s in very shaky territory. She’s getting the cold shoulder from both Logan and Roman. She doesn’t trust either of them. She’s disgusted that Logan is so harsh toward her, when she’s been there for him for decades. She’s always just sucked up how mean he is and been like, “Well, he’s this brilliant man that I work for. He’s a son of a bitch, but he’s a force of nature. I can tame the shrew.” But that’s no longer there, and she’s not sentimental about it. I feel like Gerri has always been the one who’s landed in his good graces somehow, but now it’s also happened to her, where she’s being shut out and not favored. And Gerri is very unsentimental about it. She’s like, “Fuck you.” She warned Roman a thousand million times and it blew up in his face, but it blew up in her face too. She’s disgusted, but I don’t think she’s done working for the company. She really wants to work there, for whatever sick reason that she has for liking it, but she’s just not on terra firma, and I find that really interesting. That’s really the nature of Season 4 for her. She’s navigating her way. She’s afloat and unmoored there.

Is she at her loyalty limit, when it comes to Logan? Has she found the line for her?

SMITH-CAMERON: She’s questioning it. It’s right at the edge. She hasn’t walked out the door, but I think she’s looking at him and taking stock with a cold, objective eye. She’s doing that with everyone there. She’s outside it all.

J. Smith-Cameron Talks 'Succession' Season 4, Gerri's Lack of Sentimentality, and the Clever Series Finale (3)

What or who does she see as her biggest threat, at this point?

SMITH-CAMERON: At the end of Season 3, she was threatened by Shiv. There’s a lot of jockeying going on between her colleagues, with Carl and Frank. Logan calls the shots. She really thinks Roman is an out of control, impulse control failure. He’s just a bomb waiting to go off, as he has been. She feels like she has no idea who her allies are. I don’t know who she is most threatened by, but she’s threatened by all of them.

By the end of this season, is Gerri in a place that you would have chosen for her to end up? Does it feel like an ending that’s suitable for the journey that she’s been on?

SMITH-CAMERON: It makes sense. It follows. It’s very cleverly thought out, the whole thing, in my opinion. I don’t wanna talk about it too much because it’s very hard not to accidentally betray something.

What was your emotional reaction to reading that last script? Did it really feel like the last script ever, for the show? Do you feel like you haven’t really had time to have that perspective on it yet?

SMITH-CAMERON: I don’t really know how it will end up being edited because they always have extra material that doesn’t make it in, so I don’t really know. I think we’re all still grappling with the show ending. That’s all wrapped up with the finale, and our feelings about the finale, so it’s hard to be objective. But it makes Gerri’s part of the journey make sense. Everyone’s does. But I don’t know what viewers will think.

J. Smith-Cameron Talks 'Succession' Season 4, Gerri's Lack of Sentimentality, and the Clever Series Finale (4)

There have been these two such interesting relationships in Gerri’s life, between Logan and Roman. What has it like for you. as the actor. to really get to explore within those dynamics and have people like Brian Cox and Kieran Culkin to play with, for these seasons?

SMITH-CAMERON: It’s been incredible. You can tell that they’re just incredible. They’re so present. They’re so robust. They’re so inventive. A word I like to think of for both of those actors is they’re very released. They’re very free. They’ve been great acting partners. I love acting with them because they’re great. That’s why, when they leave the camera rolling, we’re able to improv. We can go on living the character beyond the dialogue, a little bit.

Does it feel like a luxury to work on a TV series that can choose when it ends and go out on a high note, or would you have been just as game to do a Season 5?

SMITH-CAMERON: I’m not sure I agree that it needs to go out on Season 4. From my point of view, I feel like there’s tons of material and tons of interest in it. But I have complete respect for (show creator) Jesse Armstrong’s judgment, and I do think that the core of this story and this series has to do with the family and the family dynamics, and Jesse brought a conclusion to that. But in terms of the world of Succession, I feel like it could go on and on. It’s so topical, the things they’re doing, with the influence of the super rich and powerful, and how they abuse their power. The threat of that is all over the globe, and I think there’s a very keen interest in that because we’re all worried about it. It’s a tonic to have a show that addresses it with glittery, cold perspective, but that can also make humor out of it. It’s extremely helpful for the tonic.

I’m just waiting for Gerri to get rid of them all and take over everything.

SMITH-CAMERON: I agree. Okay, let’s tell Jesse to do that spinoff.

Succession airs on Sunday nights on HBO and is available to stream at HBO Max.


What is the drama Succession about? ›

The series centers on the Roy family, the owners of Waystar RoyCo, a global media and entertainment conglomerate, who are fighting for control of the company amid uncertainty about the health of the family's patriarch, Logan Roy (Brian Cox). The series' fourth and final season premiered on March 26, 2023.

Is there Succession season 5? ›

While there was speculation that Succession could go on to see five seasons, Armstrong confirmed in an interview with The New Yorker that season four will be the show's last.

What is the last name of the fictional family on the TV series Succession? ›

Logan Roy (Brian Cox)

The patriarch of the Roy family, Logan is the founder and CEO of Waystar Royco, the world's fifth largest media conglomerate.

Are there more seasons of Succession? ›

HBO has confirmed that Succession will be ending with season 4. In an interview with Variety before the third season started, Jesse Armstrong talked about how long the show might last.

How much of Succession is improv? ›

Most scenes are partly improvised, some entirely

Unusually for a drama, the Succession cast are given freedom to improvise. This began on the pilot episode as it is director McKay's preferred way of working. Logan's 80th birthday lunch was entirely improvised, as was Kendall's bathroom breakdown.

Is Succession based on the Murdoch family? ›

Succession creator Jesse Armstrong has said that he didn't base the show solely on the Murdochs, insisting that they are but one of several media families he researched while writing. “I wrote the pilot solo, so there was a good deal of my own research and life experience in there,” Armstrong told HBO.

Is Shiv pregnant on Succession? ›

Is Shiv pregnant in Succession? Yes, it was confirmed in season four, episode four titled “Honeymoon States” which aired on Sunday, April 16, 2023, in the opening scene.

Does Shiv get pregnant on Succession? ›

When God closes one Roy's door, he opens another's window. Or something like that. The most recent episode of Succession dropped a bouncing-baby bombshell on viewers: Siobhan Roy is pregnant! The timing couldn't be worse for Shiv.

Is Succession over for good? ›

Since then, the creator has revealed that the upcoming season will be the series' last, which ET confirmed with HBO. "There's a promise in the title of Succession.

Are Shiv and Roman twins? ›

Roman Roy and Shiv Roy are definitely siblings in Succession, but the show has hinted that the two characters are actually twins. Succession mainly focuses on the Roy family, with all four of Logan Roy's children being major players in the critically-acclaimed HBO series.

Is Shiv the youngest Roy? ›

Shiv is the youngest sibling, as confirmed by a Succession family tree video released by HBO. Logan also nicknames Shiv “Pinky” referring to the smallest finger, which could refer to her position as the youngest. It's estimated she's in her early-to-mid thirties. Snook, who plays Shiv, is aged 35.

Who is Logan Roy's favorite child? ›

However, the actor has confirmed that he has a favourite among Kendall (Jeremy Strong), Roman (Kieran Culkin) and Shiv (Sarah Snook), suggesting that the latter was his top choice.

Where is Succession filming? ›

Succession is mainly filmed in New York City, though the UK, Iceland, Croatia and Italy have all played host to Succession scenes in the past, with a trip to Norway on the cards for season 4.

Who is Naomi Succession? ›

Succession's Naomi Pierce is played by actress Annabelle Dexter-Jones. Aside from her successful portrayal as Naomi on Succession, Annabelle, 36, has been acting under the radar for many years now.

How did Succession end? ›

At the end of Season 3, the Roy kids finally come together, but the only way that they can come together is in unity against their father. The tragedy of the Roy family is that it's impossible to achieve a kind of equilibrium, in which everyone has got what they want.

Why does Logan Roy have scratch marks on his back? ›

Once when Kendall openly insulted Logan, Logan replied with "If my uncle heard me talk like that..." alluding to his uncle's abuse and temper. Whether the abuse really happened or not is up for debate, but Logan is shown having large, deep scars on his back, which are implied to have been given by his uncle.

Who is the best actor on Succession? ›

Jeremy Strong

What accent does Logan Roy have? ›

In the show, the character's backstory is defined as being born in Dundee, Scotland, in a nod to Cox's real-life hometown, but having relocated to Quebec, Canada, at an early age – hence the muted Scottish accent heard on the show.

Who is Logan Roy modeled after? ›

The Carnegies. Similarities: Brian Cox, who plays Logan Roy, once said that industrialist Andrew Carnegie (left) was an inspiration for the character.

How much of Succession is true? ›

The series itself is surprisingly accurate to real-life, despite the fact that it's a satire. As the fourth and final season of HBO's Succession approaches, it's the perfect time to look at the real-life inspiration behind the series and its characters.

Who is Shiv Roy based on? ›

Shiv Roy's Story line is inspired by Elisabeth Murdoch

Shiv Roy, played by Australia's very own Sarah Snook, may be Logan's only daughter, but in real life she's based on Rupert's second daughter and second born child, Elisabeth.

Does Shiv love Tom or not? ›

Yes, Succession's Shiv Roy Really Does Love Tom – Here's The Evidence. Of the three main Roy children, Shiv (Sarah Snook) has always been the hardest to pin down.

How pregnant is Shiv? ›

As Shiv stood out in this episode, after being sidelined in the two that came before, fans noted something curious about Sarah Snook's character. They noted that Shiv was recklessly drinking and apparently using cocaine while being five months pregnant.

Why does Tom stay with Shiv? ›

Staying together would give them more power than ever

Morley believes Tom will go back to Shiv to feel stable at the company, and that she will allow it because she'll have someone to be in an alliance with against her brothers. "She could secure his position at ATN," said Morley.

Did Logan sleep with Rhea on Succession? ›

She does seem to have some genuine affection for Logan however, as his wife Marcia came to threaten her about getting tested for STD's, implying the two were having an affair (which was never confirmed or denied). When placed in the line of fire, Rhea tends to step back or walk away to avoid controversy.

Do Shiv and Tom get divorced? ›

Tom is a key figure within Waystar, and his divorce from Shiv and following Logan's death in season 4's third episode, his role going forward could be in serious question. 1.

Why are they stopping Succession? ›

Armstrong said he wanted to give “Succession” a strong ending, rather than dragging the series out season after season. “We could go on for ages and turn the show into something rather different, and be a more rangy, freewheeling kind of fun show, where there would be good weeks and bad weeks,” he said.

Did Tom sell out Shiv? ›

After the brutal season 3 finale, fans have been waiting to find out how Shiv retaliates. The season finale suggested Tom betrayed Shiv and her siblings to Logan (Brian Cox). Hope he was happy with his decision. [Warning: This article contains spoilers for the Succession Season 4 premiere.]

Is Logan the villain in Succession? ›

Logan Roy is the main antagonist of the HBO drama series Succession. He serves the main antagonist of the first three seasons, and the overarching antagonist of the fourth and final season.

Do Roman and Shiv have the same mom? ›

Lady Caroline Collingwood is the second wife of Logan Roy, and mother of Kendall Roy, Roman Roy and Shiv Roy.

Who is Shiv biological son? ›

Shiva is known to have two sons — the lovable elephant-headed god Ganesha, the destroyer of obstacles and Lord Kartikeya, the god of war.

Who is the biological son of Shiv and Parvati? ›

Parvati is the mother of the Hindu deities Ganesha and Kartikeya.
ParentsHimavan (father) Maināvati (mother)
SiblingsGanga (elder sister) Vishnu (ceremonial brother) Mainaka (elder brother)
ChildrenGanesha (son), Kartikeya (son), Ashok Sundari (daughter)
15 more rows

Who is Connor Roy's mother? ›

The children reunite with their mother, Caroline Collingwood. Willa and Connor are talking to the priest, Willa says she's a playwright and jokes that Connor doesn't do anything. He is hurt at this. While going over plans with Shiv, he says instead of Logan, he'll give Shiv away.

Who is Logan Roy's second wife? ›

The Matriarchs of the Roy Family

Logan was married a total of three times in his life. His first wife is unnamed in the show, but she is Connor Roy's (Alan Ruck) mother. Logan's second wife was Caroline Collingwood, mother to Kendall (Jeremy Strong), Shiv (Sarah Snook), and Roman (Kieran Culkin).

Is Shiv the youngest in Succession? ›

Siobhan, commonly referred to as "Shiv", is the youngest child and only daughter of Logan Roy from his second marriage. She is a left-leaning political fixer who previously distanced herself from her family company until finally receiving an offer of leadership from Logan.

Are Kendall Roy's kids his? ›

Sophie Roy is the daughter of Kendall and Rava Roy, and the sister of Iverson Roy.
Sophie Roy
Siblings:Iverson Roy (Brother)
14 more rows

Who was Logan Roy's first wife? ›

Logan's Wives: Wife #1, Caroline, Marcia

From offhand remarks in Season 4, we also know Logan had her placed in a mental institution when Connor was young. Caroline Collingwood, Logan's 2nd wife, is the mother of Kendall, Roman, and Siobhan.

Does Logan Roy love any of his children? ›

So there you have it. Logan Roy does love his children. The issue still gnawing at the heart of Succession, though, is he does not respect them.

What island was Succession filmed on? ›

In sharp contrast, the season ends with the Roys amid blue skies and seas in the Aegean Sea and Croatia. This was filmed on the island of Korcula, both on the 279-foot charter yacht Solandge and in the Old Town, taking in the 15th-century St Mark's Cathedral and shoreside restaurant Cupido.

Where is Shivs wedding filmed in Succession? ›

Eastnor has played host to hundreds of weddings over the years and we've seen some pretty spectacular sights along the way (décor, entertainment, dresses, flowers), but nothing could prepare us for the stunning glass marquee that was erected on the castle's Lower Terrace (courtesy of Good Intents Marquees) for the star ...

What town in Italy was Succession filmed? ›

The series filmed on location in Italy from June to August 2021, primarily in the Tuscan region of Val d'Orcia: for "Chiantishire", the villa La Foce served as the estate where Caroline's wedding guests stay, while the villa Buonriposo was used as Kendall's vacation home – where both his conversation with Logan as well ...

Who is Roman Roy's girlfriend? ›

Later in the first series, he begins a relationship with Tabitha, played by Caitlin FitzGerald. You might recall she also had a bit of an interesting encounter with Tom as well, but she sticks with Roman throughout the second season.

Who is Shiv sleeping with in Succession? ›

Shiv takes a meeting with Gil Eavis, a potential presidential candidate who goes against everything her father stands for. After the meeting, they have a sexual encounter in his car.

Why is Greg important in Succession? ›

Greg Hirsch is Logan's lackadaisical great-nephew. Far removed from The Roy Family's wealth, he moves to New York to ingratiate himself with Logan Roy and get a stable job within the company.

Did Logan smile at the end of Succession? ›

He's shied away from his strength, Kendall has. Logan knew in order to sacrifice himself, he would have to do it through his family. He figured that the one chance he had was to make Kendall into the killer. That's why, at the end, he smiles.

Did Tom tell Logan they were coming? ›

What did Tom Wambsgans do in the Succession finale? There's a new number 1 boy in town! Tom (Matthew Macfadyen) makes the biggest power move of the season (and his life) by betraying Shiv and telling Logan his kids' plan to shut down the sale of Waystar Royco.

What is Logan sick with in Succession? ›

Early in the first season, as Logan lies unconscious in the hospital after a brain hemorrhage, Roman proclaims that chronologically, Logan might be 80 years old, but “physically he's, like, still in his 70s.”

What family is Succession rumored to be about? ›

But according to CNN, the Roys in “Succession” are most likely based on the Murdoch family, “the family of Australian media mogul Rupert Murdoch.” Much like Logan, Murdoch has “always intended to pass down his company to one of his children,” but “has never named a successor” to his media conglomerate, News Corp.

What is Succession supposed to be based on? ›

The Murdoch Family: All About the Real-Life People Who Inspired 'Succession' An elderly media tycoon with several grown children in consideration to be his successor: What sounds like the plot of Succession is actually the reality for Rupert Murdoch and his six children.

Is The Succession worth watching? ›

Whether you are looking for a show to sink your teeth into for some good laughs or you're looking for a show that is a stark meditation on wealth and how it erodes everything you touch, Succession has it all. With a stellar cast and only three seasons, there's so much the show has to offer.

What is so good about Succession? ›

But the thing that makes Succession so compelling is not its storylines, which are minimal, but rather its whip-smart writing and detailed character studies; a complicated cocktail of privilege and trauma keeping the protagonists entrenched in patterns of narcissistic self-sabotage that fill the audience with ...

Is the kid in Succession autistic? ›

Iverson Roy is the son of Kendall and Rava Roy, and the younger brother of Sophie Roy. Iverson is likely on the Autism spectrum.

Why doesn t Logan Roy have an accent? ›

In the show, the character's backstory is defined as being born in Dundee, Scotland, in a nod to Cox's real-life hometown, but having relocated to Quebec, Canada, at an early age – hence the muted Scottish accent heard on the show.

How accurate is Succession? ›

The series itself is surprisingly accurate to real-life, despite the fact that it's a satire. As the fourth and final season of HBO's Succession approaches, it's the perfect time to look at the real-life inspiration behind the series and its characters.

What city is Succession supposed to be in? ›

The base for both the show and the Roy family at its centre is New York City. At its heart are two locations, patriarch Logan's house on Fifth Avenue and the head office of his Waystar Royco empire.

How rich is the Roy family Succession? ›

In the TV show, the Roys own hundreds of millions in real estate - including palaces and castles. The family also holds other eye-wateringly expensive assets, including a $188 million superyacht and helicopters and planes worth $72 million.

What is the best episode of Succession? ›

Succession's 'Connor's Wedding' Is Now The Highest-Rated Episode Of Any Show Ever On IMDB. Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. While by the end of the hour it was pretty clear that Succession's “Connor's Wedding” was the best episode of the series, as it turns out it may be the best…

Is there anyone likeable in Succession? ›

1 Gerri Kellman

This choice may not be the first for many viewers, since ranking Succession characters can be a very subjective game. Still, from a fairly sound-minded point of view, Gerri is the best thing if only everyone would stop underestimating her so much.

Where is Succession filmed? ›

New York City. The Roy family and their Waystar Royco media empire are based out of New York City in the show (if you know what Succession based on, this won't come as a surprise). So naturally, the bulk of filming does actually take place in good ol' Gotham.

What is the moral of Succession? ›

Each character understands that everyone must do what they can to get ahead. There is a mutual understanding between them that everyone is out for themselves, and that anything done for one's own sake is fair game.

Who is bad in Succession? ›

Logan Roy. It should come as no surprise that the Roy patriarch comes out on top as the most ruthless character on Succession.

How do you describe Succession to someone? ›

the process by which someone takes an official position or job after someone else has been doing it: He was elected Chairman in succession to Brooke. happening one after another: Crops have failed for the third year in succession.

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